unexpected niceness

Bunnings Warehouses

To help you with this be nice story, it’s important to understand the situation first.

It was early January 2015, we had just moved into a new house, with my girlfriend at the time, who had bought me a BBQ for Xmas (greatest gift known to man).

We decided that a BBQ with a few of our close friends would be a nice thing to do.  Hosting was a passion for both of us and putting on nice food, good wine and conversations would be a great way to ‘warm our house’.
If you know Australia, you’ll appreciate the BBQ culture and how great it can be to invite some friends over for this event.

It came to the Saturday morning.  I had prepared all the meat with marinades and spices, cleaned the entire yard from leaves and toys from the world’s most destructive puppy, Basil, and even stocked the bar fridge with assorted drinks.

I then realised….where are our guests going to sit?

We didn’t want to bring our indoor table outside, and that only had 6 seats…we had 10 people coming.

Off to the major hardware store, Bunnings, we went.

Neither of us had a big car..so we wanted to find something to fit in the back of a Holden Astra (medium sized coupe)

Now to help paint the picture, you need to understand that Bunnings is renowned for being MASSIVE, but because of this size, the worker to customer ratio is nothing like you would get at say ‘Apple’, who strive for 1-1 or 1-2 at worst.  The other thing is, to keep wages lower, it seems they employ a lot of young people who fly under the radar and never seem to be around to help you find what you need.

As we were viewing the tables and chairs, I found one I wanted.  The thing is, because it was a Saturday they didn’t have any trucks on the road for delivery that afternoon, and it wasn’t going to fit in the car.
The employee we were with pretty much gave up and said…well you’ll have to organise delivery next week.

Then, out of nowhere, (Randy Orton style) a gentleman around 45 years old came up to us and asked where we lived.

We said around 10 minutes away.

He said, he had a BMW X5, and he would be happy to drive it around to us if we bought it today as he had a lunch break in around 15 minutes.

Literally packing it into his OWN car, using his OWN lunch break time, and generally being a nice person.

No-way did he have to do that…..but why did he?

Did he care about making a $400 sale? Not likely.  Instead he did it to make a difference.  He could see two young people who wanted to entertain their friends, but didn’t have an outdoor setting.

He did this without expectation or payment.  Just good will.

What a nice person.

Thank-you, Mr Bunnings.


  1. Maxine
    December 13, 2015

    What a nice man. When you receive help like this it puts you in such a good frame of mind and you are far more inclined to pass it forward.

  2. Fiona
    December 14, 2015

    That’s the stuff this world needs. Being nice costs nothing and it is so personally fulfilling. Hope the BBQ was fun 🙂

    • Hayden Wilson
      December 27, 2015

      the BBQ was really great! Love entertaining and sharing with others. especially good food!

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