support systems are everything.


The above picture is the first ever design of my be nice. t-shirt.  I ordered it online as a one off and despite not being happy with the cut of t-shirt/material, it’s great to see an idea that has been floating around with me for 2+ years come to fruition and transmute itself into reality.

The truth is though, without a close support system, none of this would have been possible.

Certain people have been instrumental in helping me.  Some know they have, others would have no idea.

I never claim to have ‘fans’ nor do I claim to have ‘haters’.  But there are certainly people who cheer me along and love seeing the progress of be nice. and others who think it’s a laugh….to me that doesn’t bother me though.  And really, it doesn’t make them ‘haters’.  In my eyes, they’re just having a reaction to someone who is putting themselves out there and perhaps upset they haven’t done the same?  or maybe they don’t think I have ‘lived’ enough to be putting it out there?…either way, it doesn’t stop me.  and it shouldn’t stop you either.  Like Nike said….just do it!
There are always going to be ‘dream-takers’ (a valuable lesson learned from Tom O’Toole – owner of Beachworth Bakery), they sit back, laugh, attempt to bring you down with subtle insults and sabotage.  Essentially they attempt to take away your dreams.  But at the end of the day, who is going to be laughing and will you let them win?

I was once told a great quote by my friend, Phil, who was referencing Coco Chanel stating: “I don’t care what you think about me, I don’t think about you at all.”  I think it is one of the most fantastic quotes there is, and embodies an attitude you can carry with you everywhere.

If you set yourself up with solid values such as being good, giving good, doing good then you are worthy of having good.

Continue your journey to be nice and you’re going to win at the game of life.  Little hiccups are natural, but the nicer you are the less of them you have!


Enjoy your night.


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