no alterations? no business.


It’s no secret that I love cafe’s.

The smell of the coffee, the fresh food options, and of course the people you meet.

I may be a little spoiled being here in Melbourne, but hey, it’s all I know so I’ll take it.

So today, a friend, and I were catching up for a chat about our futures, working together and just general life.

We went to a local Cafe (I’m not going to name which one), ordered a coffee, a juice and started chatting.

After about 30 minutes, we both started to get a bit peckish…It was 12:30 by this stage and I’d only eaten once in the day so why not have a look.

The waitress brought over the menu’s and was very accommodating and friendly.

What happened next is where the story turns pear shaped.

I wasn’t overly hungry, but since my friend wanted to eat, I ordered an omelet.  My friend, who watches his diet pretty carefully asked if they had anything with chicken and rice or chicken and salad…She said unfortunately not, the only thing close was a chicken gourmet burger. (sorry but the bread wasn’t gonna fly with my mate!).

She followed up pointed out there was a salmon and salad if he liked salmon?

“Great” my friend said as he looked at the Salmon option….”Except can I have it without the onion?” (I can’t remember the exact alteration but it wasn’t difficult, was actually less food and should not have been hard).

Unfortunately she let us know that the ‘head chef’ working today who also ‘owns’ the cafe, does not make alterations under any circumstances.

The owner of all people.

Here we were, two willing customers ready to hand over $50+ for lunch and the drinks…but instead, we walked away paying the business $8 and a slightly disgruntled friend.

We left that day, most likely never to return for food. (or ever recommend it for anything other than a quick coffee).

We then proceeded to head to Moonee ponds, and eat at the very popular and delicious ‘Honky Dory’.  They got out $50 instead.

Which business do you think I would recommend if someone wanted to have a bite to eat?

Key lesson you can draw from this: give you customers what they want*

*within reason

have a nice night.



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