Alex Tatterson, A True Fan.

Today’s post is about one of my good friends, Alex.

I met Alex around 18 months ago when he sent me an email out of the blue to my online blogging site, PT Prophet.

I would say online coaching business, but at that time, I didn’t really even know about coaching people.  I was still finding my feet online.  I had started a podcast 6 months earlier and had some really great guests, which gave me some authority…but I had just learned how to ask questions.  Apart from that, I had listened to 30 books in a few months as well as having a lot of field research and experience….but as for coaching, I didn’t know if I was qualified?

Yet Alex messaged me and asked about consulting and if I was able to jump on the phone with him?

I said sure….I told him the rate (which I might have had to make up on the spot given I was new to this whole thing) and he pretty much immediately wrote back saying he was in.  The rate wasn’t anything exorbitant, but it wasn’t cheap either.  Which told me this ‘Alex’ guy was an action taker.  10 points.

So there we were, 7pm that night on a Skype call.  Video screen and all. I was excited for my first ‘coaching session’ and didn’t know what to expect.  We went through a bunch of items and were both very pleased with the outcome.  Success.

I would shoot him an email roughly once a month just to see how things were going, what he was up to, and in return he was always supportive of my projects.

Liking my Facebook status (which when you’re trying to grow an online audience, every ‘like’ feels amazing), shooting me positive comments when he liked my content and generally just being a great ‘fan’ (by ‘fan’ I mean of the work I put out….not in the egotistical sense).

6 months on, I created a small membership community for trainers…guess who was first to sign up…!

A few months went by and an opportunity came up to become an apprentice trainer with my good friend, and successful performance coach, Erros Chiodo. He asked if I knew of anyone looking to become a trainer and work underneath him…? “As a matter of fact, I have the perfect guy. He is loyal, knowledgeable and above all, will give all things a go!”.

I set up the meeting and they hit it off.  Erros, who holds very high standards for his business, took Alex on board. This meant he must have been great. Win Win.

The best thing about this whole scenario was I went from e-meeting Alex 12 months ago through my website, to seeing him everyday at the gym we were working at.  It all happened because he took the initiative and asked for help.

Something a lot of us seem to forget about, or are too stubborn to realise.

It doesn’t make us weak or poor at our craft.  In fact, it’s a sign of strength and courage.

Asking for help can feel vulnerable, but what’s the trade off? Continue to struggle?  Fail?  It’s so much easier to reach out when you’re in need, and you will be surprised to know just how big your support group is.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Over the time I’ve known him, he has successfully:
– Competed in a couple of bodybuilding shows
– Started Network Marketing (to learn public speaking and sales)
– Run a Marathon
– Spoken Publicly
– Busted his ass in the gym (literally you should see this dude train)
– Volunteered for the Arnold Classic Australia expo
– Skydived
– Committed to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in 2016/17 with me (which might I add, he had no idea what it was when I messaged him, but said yes anyway)
– and more recently, he was one of the first to purchase not one, but two of our ‘be nice. tshirts’ and also promote it to his friends.

Plus on top of all this, he is a genuinely nice guy.

As time goes on, Alex continues to support my work and is one of the guys I love to help.  He listens, commits to what he sets his mind to very well, and follows up on his word.  Three hugely important lessons to learn.



And while he often thanks me for the motivation and support I give him, to be honest, I want to thank him.  So thank-you for all your support, Alex.

I can’t wait to continue taking life on with you and going FULL STEAM.



Do you have an Alex in your life?  Comment below and share how they’ve helped you in your travels.

  1. Marita
    January 20, 2016

    Yes I do have an Alex in my life… it is Alex!!
    I truly do feel so fortunate and blessed to have Alex as a personal trainer through Erros Performance.
    We talk about everything on our minds, encourage each other in all aspects of life and challenge each other….all in just one hour per session!! Probably my most favourite hour of the week: Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm. The best.
    So proud of you Alex and thank you wholeheartedly for being you and for coming into my life.
    Marita x

    • Hayden Wilson
      January 21, 2016

      Beautifully said, Marita!

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